Question and Answer from International Affairs



  • Name of the European common currencyEuro

  • OIC is established in – 1969

  • The first postage stamp in the world – Penny Black

  • Pearl Harbor, where the American Pacific Fleet was stationed, was attacked by Japanese in – 1941

  • The second largest Muslim Country in the world  is – Pakistan

  • The most importer country in the world – the USA

  • The name of the organization working worldwide  against corruption – Transparency International

  • The world’s largest nuclear power station – Kashiwazaki Kariwa(Japan)

  • SAARC Agriculture Information Centre (SAIC) is situated in – Dhaka

  • Largest city of IndiaMumbai

  • Reuters is a – News Agency

  • The largest tea exporter country  in the worldSri Lanka

  • The Headquarters of Islamic Development Bank (IDB) – Jeddah

  • Number of Permanent members of UN Security Council is – 5

  • Previous name of JapanNippon

  • “Line of Control” – is situated between – India and Pakistan

  • Elaboration of IBSA is – India, Brazil and South Africa

  • Wall Street is – The Stock Exchange Market in New York.

  • The name of Indonesian CurrencyRupiah

  • The World Bank is an – International Financial Institution

  • IDA, Organization of the World Bank is known as the – “Soft Loan Window”

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